Friday, January 1, 2010

Preppy New Year

I love this new cropped blazer! I found it on mega-sale yesterday for only $12. Score! The purple tank is from New York & Co. on sale last summer, shoes from Shi $40 a couple years back, and skinny jeans unknown... got 'em almost 3 years ago now. Pretty reasonable cost-wise.

My hair is a little outrageous here, and to me it indicates two possibilities: it's time to either
a) get a trim
b) sign a modeling contract with Urban Outfitters

I think (a) is more doable, and frankly more appealing. Must work on completing that next week.

I made my New Year's resolutions last night. Here they are:
1. Lose 15 pounds. I've decided to start using the Weight Watchers system to get serious about it. I say "Weight Watchers system" because I don't have the money to join the actual program right now, so I've done a little internet research and downloaded some guides so I can follow the rules without paying membership fees. I'm going to also try to do some serious exercise to speed the weight loss along. In fact, I'm registering for a St. Patrick's Day 5k in my city so I have a deadline for getting fit enough to complete it. I'm really excited about setting this goal!
2. Stop freaking out about school. Yesterday I had a meltdown about the stress my professors on my committee have been putting me through. I'm officially a doctoral candidate now, but I have several reservations about going through with it at this point in my life, especially in light of some things that happened last summer and last fall around the time of my thesis proposal defense. I've decided that it's not worth it to kill myself over getting a Ph.D. and even if I don't do it now, I've proven that I am capable of getting into a very reputable program (my university's linguistics program is in the top 10 in the country!) and I can do it at a later point if I choose to. This resolution is really about enjoying life more and worrying less. Because it's just not worth it.
3. Take a fun 1-week vacation, even if it's just camping. I want to take a real vacation with K this year. Last year we went to Japan, but the reason we went was because my field research trip got botched. This year I want to take a fun vacation for the sake of taking a vacation, and planning it that way instead of a back-up to something else. We really want to go to Disney World for a week, but if that's not in the budget this year, then I'm cool with exploring Savannah or St. Augustine for a week, or even just camping. I'm not high-maintenance at all about this stuff. Just as long as we have some quality couple's relaxation time and do something new.
4. Keep track of household finances in my new book.
Last week, I bought a 2010 household finances book that has columns and schedules where you record every purchase you make daily. It looks kind of like a school planner, but it's only for finances. They had a ton of them at all the bookstores I went to in Japan. I can't recall ever having seen something like this in the U.S., although I'm sure somebody makes them. I think it's a really good idea, and they had them in so many different cute designs. I chose a super-cute Hello Kitty one that came with stickers to mark important dates, a receipt holder, and filing envelopes. I figure that looking at finances might not be so painful if it's incredibly cute. Here's hoping.


  1. Hi Jennifer - thanks for stopping by my blog & sharing a link to yours! I've added you to my reader :)

    Your resolutions have inspired me to write some of my own. I think I could probably just copy and paste most of them! hehe x

    Love your blazer & was going to say your hair looks awesome, even before I read your UO modelling comment! x

  2. Hi Sara, thanks for stopping by! I'm flattered that you added me :)
    Hahaha! I could seriously use a trim, it's going on two months now. I think it looks ok in those pictures because the lighting was just really bright.
    Good luck with your New Year's resolutions :)


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