Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mango Passionfruit... the flavor of tea I'm drinking! It's an herbal blend from Stash. Generally I prefer loose teas, but as far as grocery store brands go, Stash is pretty solid. I feel I need a sunny, tropical taste tonight because Mother Nature has decided to punish me for gloating about the nice weather by making it rain all day today.

I took these yesterday on campus.  Come back soon, sunny weather!

In the meantime, I've had to modify my wardrobe a bit. Nothing too special today since I had to traipse around in the puddles. In fact, most of the day I didn't even wear these boots you see here, I had my purple plaid rain boots on! Wearing them makes me want to jump into every puddle I see. Yes, deep down I am five years old.


These jeans are not one of my favorites. I really don't care for those faded sections on the front. But really, it was so icky today, why would I want to wear one of my favorite pairs of jeans?

By the way, I am really loving this warm chocolate-colored nail polish this winter. It has just enough sparkle to make me feel glam. I haven't tried the matte craze yet, but I'm kicking it around. Any tips for a first-time matte nail polish wearer?

As you may or may not know, early last spring I had a slew of frequent flier miles set to expire. I didn't have enough to use for my summer trip to Japan, and I wasn't really planning on going anywhere else, so I decided to take advantage of a "VERY SPECIAL OFFER" that the airline offered-- to cash them all in on magazine subscriptions instead! See the humongous stack of them next to me? That's not all of them. There are more scattered on those shelves, and on my desk, and in the magazine rack by our couch. And the 12 months of subscriptions aren't up yet. I get a magazine usually every three days, and occasionally I get two or three at once. Once the 12 months end, I plan to take them to a used book store and make a little cash. If they give me enough for even a halfway decent dinner, I'll be happy. My thrifty spirit can't pass up something free!

Or maybe I'll give some of the profit to my mailman as a tip, since I'm sure he loathes me by now.

sweater - too old to remember / jeans - American Rag
scarf - old / boots - thrifted


  1. Brown nails sound fun. I love matte...I don't have any tips, but I do like it!
    P.S. I'm looking at Charleston School Of Law. So, maybe you can scout out the Charleston thrift scene for me? ;) You know, estate sales are supposed to be a great spot for vintage and they're more of an east coast thing than a west coast thing (unfortunately I started investigating them when I moved to the west coast!). Have you been to any?

  2. that scarf of yours is such a great color! :D and mango passionfruit tea sounds delicious. i've only ever had passionfruit on its own. yum :)

  3. Beautiful color scarf!

  4. Yes, I have been to the UO in Charleston and I love it! So cool!

  5. Hey, nice to meet you!!!!
    I follow your blog too know. you got very nice outfits here ;)
    I´m happy that you like the Flamenco dresses.


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