Saturday, January 9, 2010

Farmer's Daughter

Hamming it up with self-timer mode while the Mr. was at work today.

Wow, I've really been wearing a lot of plaid lately, haven't I? I'll make it a point to wear something entirely non-plaid tomorrow, then. Whatever I wear, it'll have to keep me warm, because I will be outside for much of the day. At car lots.

Snippet of conversation yesterday which took place in the lobby of our local Midas:
K: So what do I owe you for the diagnostic?
Mechanic: [laughs] Don't worry about it. I have a heart, man.

When you hear a mechanic say this, you know you're screwed.

45 minutes prior to this, K and I pushed his car from his office parking lot over to Midas for a diagnostic. It broke down on him while he was driving down to Charleston for work the other day. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt, but the car is so dead that the mechanic didn't even put it on the lift to announce the diagnosis. It's currently sitting in the Midas parking lot until we make an appointment for the car donation people to tow it off.

Which means we now have one car between us, and my classes start next week. My tutoring job was supposed to start next week, too, but I haven't set anything up yet because I don't know if I'll be able to go anywhere. It's really not a good time financially for this to happen. Sigh. Especially since neither of our parents are in a position to help us out right now. So we are stuck with the choice of either A) paying a little bit, mostly up front, for a piece of junk that may or may not last through the summer, or B) trying our luck to get financed for something newer and more reliable and having to deal with the monthly payments on top of everything else. I don't even know if we could get a reasonable financing plan since I just took out a car loan last August when my car died. Needless to say, stress levels are super high right now. Which I think has contributed to K coming down with a cold today. Things could definitely be worse, I know, I know. But sheesh, couldn't they be a little bit better? At this rate I won't be able to afford school in the fall, which will leave me two courses short of an M.A. -_-

What's a girl to do? 


  1. I'm not driving currently. I don't have a job, so I can't afford insurance. It doesn't bother me but waiting for a ride seems endless. I hope to find one soon, I really didn't bother looking last semester.

  2. hello!! thank you so much for being a follower! it makes me so happy, you have no idea (:

    your blog is lovely too! i adore your hair, especially your bangs! lovely outfit too dear! i went thru a plaid phase hehe, but now i'm stuck, and forever will be stuck in, stripes! :]

  3. aahh!!! you're so cute!!! i love your blog! :D

  4. I love your bangs. Great blog, by the way. :)


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