Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Saturday!

1:45 on a Saturday and I've already been to the library to work on my microfilm projects. Now, time to take a break and... go on a picnic?

Oh wait. Occupied :(

Guess I'll have to make other plans for lunch...

On my way to campus this morning, I noticed a tree that is already covered in pale pink flowers! It seems like a pretty early sign of spring, even here. But it made me so happy to see it! Spring always seemed to be fairly nonexistent when I lived up north, but here it's one of my favorite seasons. I can't wait till the magnolias and paperwhites start blooming. It won't be long!

In hopes of early spring, I've really been into the florals lately.

dress - Kimchi & Blue / tights - Target / shoes - Target / shoes - Target

This is what I wore yesterday. I switched to my black tights when I went to the Shakespeare production with my students because they're warmer.  Sorry for the weird lighting, I took these when it was already dark outside.

Can I just say I love these shoes? They make me four inches taller! I'm almost as tall as the Mr. when I wear them.


I'm also a fan of this hairstyle. Perfect for Fridays, when I feel too lazy to try very hard.

The production of A Midsummer Night's Dream was pretty solid. It's a play that is very near and dear to my heart because I played the role of Hermia in a production of it when I was a senior in high school. The actors in this production were quite good, but they went for a 1940s theme with the costumes of the mortals. The fairies were wearing a hodgepodge of costumes, including track pants, leather vests, and jersey skirts. The fairies also performed this weird butt-shaking hip-hop dance in the second act. I'm all for creative reinterpretations, but in spite of these updates to the play, they still used the original Shakespearean lines. I thought it would have been more effective if they would have updates the script with more modern English if they were going to update everything else about it. K said it would be neat to reinterpret Athens in the play to Athens, Georgia, and do an Old South-style production of it, script and all. Hm.

"Lysander, I do declare..."

It would certainly be interesting.


  1. awww you wear florals so well. and i laughed when you opened up that picnic basket to reveal your cat :)
    i haven't seen a play in so long.

  2. oh your adorable and I love YOUR Floral dress! My cat hangs out in my picnic baskets as well! I agree we dress alike and I'll have to be borrowing ideas from you as well. Thanks for stopping my blog!

  3. Thank you for the comment! I love bun hairdo's, they are so easy, yet sooo pretty!

  4. gorgeous dress sweetie,love the flower print...
    and the cat is so cute:x

  5. your dress and your cat are both very cute! thank you for your sweet comment!

  6. Adorable look! Love the white dress with the floral dress for winter; really fresh.


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