Monday, January 25, 2010

The dangers of jewelry

How fun is this ring? As a former pianist, I've always had to keep my fingernails very short and rings were always forbidden.  Even though I gave up piano professionally several years ago now, it still feels very unnatural for me to wear rings. It was really an adjustment to wear my wedding ring every day!  Now that I've finally gotten used to that, I'm trying to branch out more and play around with rings. The size of this one is pretty extreme for someone who isn't used to wearing rings, but it's so colorful and perky, I was drawn to it right away. (The price was right, too-- only $6!)

I thought I looked pretty rad with it on yesterday. Until, that is, I found the best parallel parking space in the world right in front of the library, and I had to make a sudden turn to back into it before anyone else spotted it, and scraped the heck out of my thigh with the ring in the process.  OUUUCH!!  I now have three lovely red scratches on top of a purple-blue bruise the size of a half-dollar.

They weren't joking when they said beauty is pain, people.

It was also deceptively cold outside today! Bright and sunny, but that wind is a killer.

I was kind of in a bad mood when I took this outfit picture. Does anyone else find that their pictures don't come out well when they're in a bad mood?

I felt a little better after working out today. I did my two miles, but I had to walk for almost half of it because my knee started to hurt again. Annoying, but I didn't want to push it and make it worse. I thought about switching to swimming again like I did during undergrad. But then I thought some more, and remembered that my hair was short when I used to swim a lot, and then thought about how I would spend as much time blow-drying my hair as I would actually exercising. Or maybe that's just my laziness coming up with excuses, hahaha. If nothing else, I'll switch to Wii Fit or yoga to give my knee a rest for the next few days. Oh, the sacrifices I make :)

Well, off to the library again! 

cardigan, tights - Target / top - Macy's / shoes - Dillards / shorts - JC Penney
earrings - Forever 21 / ring - Belk's


  1. cute blog, lady. xo

  2. The new episode of The Office was kinda blah. It was mostly just a bunch of old clips. I was disappointed because they've been on hiatus for so long! Hopefully this week's will be better.

  3. I love the tights and shorts look right now!! I feel like I have so many more options.

    That ring is very cute

  4. cute ring! love your mustard cardigan!


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