Monday, February 8, 2010

Something a little more nautical


Some people have wondered about the name of my blog. Not about the "magnolia" part, of course, but about the "matcha" part. Matcha is a strong powdered form of green tea which is used at Japanese tea ceremonies. It's supposed to be really healthy for you. Sadly it's really expensive, too, so I use mine sparingly. Yesterday I used a little bit to flavor a batch of waffles, pictured above. No, the color settings on your monitor do not need to be adjusted, those waffles are actually green! K likes his with syrup, like normal waffles, but I prefer my matcha waffles with powdered sugar. Yummy!


I finally mustered up the courage to wear the red tights that I mentioned a few weeks ago! I was going for a modern nautical look here, but I'm afraid it borders on 4th-of-July. I guess that's one of the big risks of red tights. What do you think?



I got a haircut last week, finally! They took off more than I expected, but I still like it. There are lots of layers, and I like how much it's angled around my face. 


dress - Forever 21 / jacket - Kohl's / tights - Urban Outfitters / belt - thrifted / shoes - Payless


  1. Actually it makes me think more of Canada Day, probably because I'm Canadian. Haha.
    I love it though, it's a really cute outfit. I especially like the dress and blazer.

  2. I love your dress! Red tights are really hard to style, I have a pair and don't wear them too often because it struggle with it. Yours look really cute though, I like the new hair do!

  3. awww you pull off these tights so well! i can definitely see a little bit of the nautical theme. your new hair cut is lovely by the way, i'm digging the angles (i can't believe i just said digging).
    oh! and i was wondering why your waffles were green, haha. i stared at them for quite a while in confusion. they sound so tasty though and i love powdered sugar! so much less sticky than syrup :)

  4. Love those tights! I've never styled an all-white outfit with colored tights. I'll have to try that as soon as it warms up a bit here.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog earlier.

    I love all the pictures of your kittens! My youngest cat is 8, so I haven't had kittens around in a long time. They're so cute!

  5. Cute dress. It looks great with the red accents.

    Your waffles look tasty. Have you ever tried cake waffles? They're basically cake batter cooked in a waffle iron. They're excellent.

  6. yumm, I'd like to try those, I've tried green pancakes before. I love the dress your wearing with the red tights and I think if you are scared of wearing the red tights it's good that you used them as the feature item and didnt incorporate any other colours. I can go a bit colour crazy sometimes.

  7. Red tights YES! I love them with your white shoes. A great look!

  8. red tights! yay! I can see why you said you needed the courage to wear them, something just screams attention with primary colored tights, even though I love bright reds, yellows, etc in other forms tights are intense alone, but you look great

  9. Beautiful dress and cute tights!;))

    xoxo M.

  10. I looove the red tights! very bold and daring!


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