Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February showers bring floral skirts


Time for an outfit post, 'cause it's been a little while now. (Have you ever noticed how southerners like to attach "now" to the end of sentences? Why do we do that??) 

Ironic that it was sunny the whole time I was in Ohio, and the day I get back to South Carolina, it's rainy and overcast! I felt that this was a perfect reason to break out my new floral skirt. It's just so cheerful, isn't it? This outfit is also part of my attempt to accept my legs as they are. My attitude is that, since I have no aspirations of becoming a model, I might as well have fun with what I wear and not worry so much. If I'm comfortable and confident in what I wear, then what else matters? 

I don't think there's such a thing as a perfect body, anyway. Do you have any insecurities about your body? If so, does it affect the clothes you choose?


This top actually has tiny black and white stripes. I guess they're just too tiny to turn out in the photo! I need some bigger stripes. It is awfully comfty though. Always a bonus of thrifting!


I might have to trade these boots in for my galoshes when I head out to my second language acquisition class later this afternoon. Don't wanna get my pretty purple tights all splotchy from the puddles! I suspect that I will be tearing my way to the parking lot after class because it ends at 8:00-- which, as you know, is when the season premiere of LOST starts! Why oh why did they move it an hour earlier?! I only have one real class that I attend each week, and it has to interfere with my beloved LOST. I guess this is why they invented VCRs. Yep, that's right, I said VCRs. Not Tivo or DVR. We kick it old school 'round these parts :)

top - Banana Republic (thrifted) / skirt - Forever 21 / tights - Urban Outfitters
boots - thrifted 


  1. That floral skirt is really cute! and I love those tights. I've always tried to down play my wide hips but have recently accepted them and actually enjoy finding clothing to fix it properly VS hiding them

  2. I love your floral skirt! I just recently thrifted boots that look just like those! I love them!

  3. i'm loving this outfit with the floral skirt and the boots paired together, you look adorable! and i've had that happen before where the stripes are so small the camera just doesn't capture them :P
    and you're right, the most important thing you can wear is confidence :)

  4. loving the floral skirt!!! so cute!

    xoxo jenna


  5. First of all, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Also, love that skirt! Forever 21 is such a gold mine of all things cute, flirty, fun, and trendy. Ugh! Can't get enough. The colors in this particular skirt are so delightful :]

  6. You have a very cute blog:) I'm glad I found you via Tieka's blog. You outfit is so cute.

  7. Cute skirt, love the florals in the wintertime

    just found your blog off of Selective potential and I love it. Cannot wait to see more. would you like to trade links?


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