Friday, February 12, 2010

Can it be spring yet?


I got this great cardigan at a thrift store for $4, can you believe it? I was eyeing one at the mall for nearly 10 times the price of this one. Score!

Sorry for the stiff-looking pose. The truth is, I feel pretty stiff today because I pulled a muscle in my neck yesterday somehow, and I'm having trouble moving around. I can't turn my head to the right at all, and I can't look up very well, which makes me too nervous to drive. So, I'm taking the day off and doing as much work on the dictionary as I can from home.


I was wearing pearls with the cardigan and lace top earlier, but it looked a little too Stepford, so I ditched them. 


I decided to make it a three-pattern outfit: floral, lace, and stripes. I lovelovelove these shoes. I know it's pretty early in the season to wear them, but I'm ready to wear sleeveless dresses and open-toed shoes already! Last year during spring break, which is the second week of March for me, it was sunny and mid-80s. And this morning when I checked the forecast, I found out that central South Carolina is under a winter storm warning until 6:00 am tomorrow morning! What?! They're calling for 3-4 inches here in the capital.  Well, the last time they called for snow here--January 2009, the day of Obama's inauguration in fact--they predicted 5 inches overnight and a wintry mix the following day. The whole city shut down, and they interviewed kids on the news about how excited they were to experience their first real snow. But when we woke up the next morning, there was nothing on the ground. There were some flurries during Obama's speech, then it was sunny and clear for the rest of the day. So I'll believe it when I see it.


These guys are called shiisaa. I got them in Miyako, and they're supposed to protect the house and family. I love how every house in Okinawa has a pair of these guarding the entrance. I'm hoping today these guys do their job and keep the snow away! 


Bijou wants to be a shiisaa, too! She's sitting on the chair that K reupholstered in about 20 minutes. I love the material. He's going to make a backing for the chair as well when he has time. I love my handyman :)

cardigan - Liz Claiborne, thrifted / top - old, dunno / jeans - old / shoes - thrifted


  1. I love your floral cardigan! it definitely adds a little something to your outfit! Including your striped shoes ;)

  2. fantastic cardigan and to get it thrifted for more than half off amazing! Do I spy with my little eye some lace? Your offit is very cute! Your your kittie is adorable!

  3. Love LOVE your cardigan!!! It's so nice when you run into lovely things at the thrift store, it makes your whole day brighter!

  4. fell better, try an advil

    and the cardi is adorable

  5. Cute pattern on your cardi!


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