Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bumblebee floral


Ugh, it needs to warm up enough to spend time outside! I looove being outside, but anything under 60 is too chilly to just relax outdoors. I'll go jogging or walking as long as it's above 45 or so, but I really love doing my research outside on the back porch (pictured here!).


I was feeling less than chipper when I woke up because I had a sore throat. Still do, actually :(  I don't know if I'm getting a cold, or if my throat is just "gari gari" because I burnt some squash gratin last night and the whole downstairs was smoky. Ick! "Gari gari" is one of my favorite words in Japanese, because I feel like it conveys a feeling better than English can. My throat is "gari gari" if I'm around people smoking too long, or if K cooks bacon without opening a window in our tiny apartment. You know what I mean? That kinda raspy, hoarse, ickiness.... gari gari! 

Anyway, the colors in this outfit brightened my mood!  And yes, I'm still in love with this mustard cardigan :)

Something else that brightened my mood today is listening to Okinawan music, particularly 島唄 ("Island song") by The Boom. Have any of you heard it? It's become, like, THE song of Okinawa, and is ubiquitous at Okinawan karaoke boxes. It's such a great song and it makes me a little nostalgic for the summers I spent in Japan when I was younger. Ahhh...



By the way, thanks for the sweet comments on my last post!  You guys made my day :)  


Now time for some leftover strawberry pie! I opted to make strawberry pie for Valentine's Day instead of chocolate cake or something in the interest of health this year. It's really refreshing in this cool weather, and makes me hopeful for spring.

top - Forever21 / dress - Elle / tights - Urban Outfitters / 
cardigan - thrifted / belt - Charlotte Russe


  1. Yay! More brightly colored tights!!! :)

  2. that pie looks delicious

    amazing tights!

    ugg I definitely get gari gari throat when around too many smokers. its amazing what happens when you leave the room where all of the smoking was going on, its like a coughing fit. cannot imagine what it must be like for actual smokers wow. ps I recommend honey to soothe the throat

  3. That pie looks like something my grandma use to make...she also spent summer in China!

    Stopping by from SITS and am now a follower!

  4. i love love love your top! this outfit is fantastic and i love how you're not afraid to mix bright colors. you wear them with confidence :D

    i hope you feel better soon! having a sore throat is never any fun.

  5. Very cute! Your top is amazing and I love how you added the purple tights; it all goes so well together.

    Feel better soon, sweetie!



  6. I adore this look! It's funky and fresh. The bold purple tights and mustard cardigan are one of those so wrong but so right combos! And I hope you get to feeling better ASAP!!!

  7. I love the purple and mustard together! such a pretty color combo. Thanks so much for all the sweet comments! Oh and yes, I bought the checkered scarf and hat together... jaja I bought it in purple too in fact!


  8. Get right out of town with those purple tights, your too adorable! What a great color combo here! Consider it borrowed! I'm serious about making me a dress, when your ready I'm ready!!!


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