Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She's back!


I'm more or less back to normal life now, hurray! 


I went with a Joan Holloway-inspired silhouette and neckline today, with this super comfy cardigan. The pink stripes and dark red cardi combo make me feel a little like a valentine, but it's still February, so no problem!  The full skirt makes me want to prance around outside, but alas, it's raining.  And when it's raining, there is absolutely no point in trying to wear my hair down because it will inevitably get damp and then turn into a frizz ball. Hence the side braid, which I love, but sometimes doesn't want to work with layered hair. 




How fun are these shoes? I feel so retro-glamorous when I wear them. Too bad I need to swap them for my rain boots when I go out later. 


I can't wait for Saturday! I don't know whether or not I've mentioned it before, but I do animal rescue transports from time to time when they come through this area. I haven't done one since before I went to Okinawa in December, but this Saturday I'm helping transport a miniature dachshund who is going to her new home in Florida! I loooove dachsunds! I think I'd like to have a dog someday, but with three cats and a tiny apartment, it's not an option now. But doing the transports lets me at least play with a dog on my own for a little while. I'll show you all pictures afterwards :)

cardigan - Forever21 / top - Kohl's / skirt - thrifted / belt - thrifted / 
shoes - Target / necklaces - New York & Company & my grandmother


  1. that's such a cool way to spend your weekend, have fun

    love your maroon cardi here

  2. Hey I love your blog :)

    What a pretty dress! I love your hair too, wish mine would do that lol.

  3. love love love your cardigan! Super cute and cozy.

    You getting to play/transport a pup is amazing and a great thing to do. I've been wanting a puppy to for the last 4 years but living in a small apartment and traveling too much for work hads not worked out, what a great way to snuggle a pup even if it is just for a little while.

  4. ohhhhh how i love that cardigan!! <3 it's jjust heaven, the whole outfit, well done hun, great style !

    <3 always Lily

  5. I love this outfit! The color of the cardi looks beautiful against your skin and the entire outfit looks so fresh!


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