Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Signs of Spring

Good lord, can you believe I'm still sick? Luckily I think it's the tail end of this cold, but jeeeeez it sure knows how to overstay its welcome. And of course I have to give a presentation this evening with my stuffy man-voice! I feel bad for the people in my class. Here's hoping to no coughing fits during the thing. Or better yet, if someone asks me a difficult question that I have no idea how to answer, THEN I'll go into a coughing fit. Perfect!

On the bright side, spring is creeping into South Carolina. No outfit post today since I still feel like garbage, but please enjoy a few scenes from my back yard.



My yard was full of birds today, it was really nice to hear them while I worked this afternoon. I wish I had fabric with a print like the above pictures!


Most places in the coastal south don't have *real* grass-- my house falls into this category. But instead, lately these little white flowers have been popping up all over the yard. Aren't they cute? I like it better than grass anyway :)

And finally the potted miniature rose K got me for Valentine's Day, soaking up some sun. 

I still find it hard to believe we had 7 inches of snow so recently. Here's hoping for signs of spring in your part of the country, too!

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  1. i'm so excited for spring! it's sneaking up over here too (i think april showers are coming a bit early though since it's raining outside!) :)

    i hope you get over your cold soon and that your presentation goes well tonight. whenever i'm sick i always think my sick, man-voice is sexy...but it really isn't. haha :P


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