Monday, March 22, 2010

Little Magnolia on the Prairie. With Squirrel.

First of all, I want to say thank you thank you for all the nice comments and new follows lately! You guys totally make my day :D  I'm surprised I have any followers at all, let alone 40 now. So, when I hit 50, I will be doing my first-ever giveaway! I'm not gonna tell you what it is exactly, but I will tell you it will be hand-made by me. Hopefully that doesn't scare everyone off.

All right. As promised, here is the debut of my newest dress, with photos compliments of K. What do you think? I felt it looked kind of church-lady, but that's OK since Easter is coming up. And it's super-comfty. AND it has pockets! This was the first time I've attempted pockets. I felt like I had witnessed a miracle when I put it on and the pockets worked. Simple minds and all that.

It was overcast today, but for some reason I look like I have the light of God touching my head. Not sure what's going on there. My hair does get lighter in the summer, but somehow I think it's just my camera here.

And not that you can tell it much from the relaxed silhouette of this dress, but look who's getting her skinny on! Little by little...

I love these shoes!! I've been craving a pair of T-straps for a while, so I was psyched to find these for $16.

Since I'm a girl who is true to my word, here's the squirrel cozy, too! It's made for a small-ish teapot, but we keep our teapots on a high shelf and K was busy making dinner, so here's the cozy modeled on a bag of coffee. I love him!


  1. I love your squirrel cozy! Did you make it or buy it? And your outfit is too cute! I love the dress:)

  2. I love your hair, beautiful girl!

    And that background is divine....where on earth do you live?

    p.s. totally up for stealing that squirrel cozy to go with my menagerie of animals (lol!)

  3. Love your dress! Such a pretty, classy vibe!

  4. Wow so beautifull dress and pictures!!!
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