Monday, March 1, 2010

A Flower, a Skirt and a Mug Mat. Yes, a Mug Mat.


Here's Flower, the dachshund I helped transport, as promised!! Isn't she adorable? She's the sweetest little dog, so friendly and didn't make a sound the whole car trip. She just wanted a comfortable lap and some people to pet her, which we were more than happy to provide. 


How can anyone resist that face? Her new family must be so happy! They sent an e-mail to everyone who helped get her to her new home-- there were 9 legs altogether, each about an hour and a half long, what a trooper!!-- and she seems to be settling in fine.


We had fun playing with her and letting her run around for a little while at the hand-off point before the next ride arrived. And when they did, Flower was in for a great surprise-- they brought their two dachshunds to keep her company. I've got to say, whenever we get a place big enough to have a dog, I want a dachshund! I was neutral about them before, but after spending time with some different ones on these rescue transports, I think I'm sold. I can't wait till another one comes through my area!


The transport route went south instead of north like they usually do, which put us close to Charleston. So, we just kept going and made a day out of it! It was a little chilly and breezy, but overall a lovely day in a lovely city. 
By the way, the skirt I'm wearing in these pictures is my latest creation. I just did a simple circle skirt out of this neat flock of birds print chiffon and lining. Chiffon is DEFINITELY not my favorite fabric to work with (snag city!) but I just had to get this fabric. I have enough left over to make some other goodies that I might tackle over spring break, which is next week!! Hurrah!!


Above is the library society, one of the many historical buildings in Charleston. This building doesn't have any particularly special importance to me, I just thought it looked beautiful in the afternoon light with the Spanish moss hanging from the trees.


And finally, something else I made over the weekend. It's a coaster for tea or coffee, with a little pouch for your stirring spoon behind the little cottage door. That's a dessert spoon in the picture, by the way. The whole thing is probably only 7 or 8 inches long. I think it's the perfect size for a spoon and mug, and less breakable than a saucer! I'm especially proud of the materials I used- it's made of 100% linen, which I cut from an XL shirt I got off the 50-cent rack at Goodwill. So the materials cost for the pair of them was less than a dollar. Pretty sweet, huh? I'm also proud of the blanket stitching I did around the two little windows. I've never done any embroidery before, so don't look too closely!! Anyway, I think the slight unevenness of the stitches makes it more folksy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I love having a working sewing machine!! 

jacket - thrifted / top - H&M / skirt - ME! / tights - Target / shoes - Target


  1. Seriously SO jealous that you're so close to Charleston. siiiigh.

  2. Hi, lovely dog, and a lovely blog!
    Thanks for sharing, hope your day will be fabulous.

  3. That spoon thing´s very cute!!!
    I love Dachshounds too. I have one called Momo for 11 years now. He´s so cute and dear allways coming to sit beneath me on the sofa and be petted. Hope for you that someday you have one too.

  4. your little job/hobby thing is soo cool! puppies!

    love the tea house hehe, adorable

  5. aww you're such a doll, I love that you gave up time to help flower get to her new family... She is so adorable. I always wanted a dachshound.

    Again with the sewing your giving me far too many ideas that I just can't keep up. I have to learn a new sewing skill with each project that it takes some additional time : )

    P.S. The Mr. and I used to live in Charleston, that's were we met each other, I love it there!

  6. your pup is SOOOO cute!!!!!! And that skirt is such a great transition from winter to spring!

  7. These are great photos of a beautiful dog!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Krizia here from SITS!

  8. Hi Jenn,

    To answer your question about Chucktown... me and the Mr. were living there while we were both in Americorps (its a program just like the peacecorps but you stay within the states) Because we worked around the southeast for that year we didn't get to see much of Chucktown, however after a long trip coming back to chucktown and smelling the paper mill was the best feeling in the world, we want to move back there sometime... when we were able to enjoy the city we hung out at folly beach all the time and eat way too much at basil... I don't kow if that resturant is still there thouht its been 4 years since we have been back : (


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