Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Secret Garden

When I was a kid, I loved The Secret Garden. My class read it in the second grade, and I loved the air of mystery of the garden and characters. Maybe it was that movie that partially inspired my love of nature. I always wanted a garden full of lush greenery and flowers, with high ivy-covered walls. This picture makes it look like I'm halfway there!

Did you ever read that book?

Yes, this is really my yard. Or, these days, jungle. It's nothing like the manicured 100% Kentucky bluegrass lawns that are prized in the North, but I love the various little ground cover plants that grow here. I love spending time in my little nature sanctuary. As long as I have, you know, bug spray :D

And it's also better when it doesn't start raining every five minutes! Yikes!

Jacket: $20
Dress: $13
Sandals: $16
Necklace: $10

TOTAL: $59

dress - Target / jacket - Steve & Barry's / sandals - Payless / necklace - JC Penney


  1. wow your yard is amazing

    never read the book, but watched the movie

  2. I loved that book! I saw the movie when I 9 and promptly read the book right after. English gardens are very pretty to look at.

    I love your outfit by the way. Jean jackets always look great with summer dresses.

  3. that necklace is stunning and i adore your casually chic outfit. :)
    i remember reading that book when i was younger but i don't remember much of it. i think it's time i reread it this summer!

  4. Nice jungle. :) And pretty necklace.

  5. Very beautyfull!!!!!!
    nice necklace!!

  6. Such a cute dress! And I seriously love the photo location. :D

  7. Really cute outfit!

    I'm a new follower : ) glad I found your blog. Please check out mine too (and follow if you like it .. hope you do)


  8. Cute photos! I love how this dress looks on you and I like that you paired it with a denim jacket! good job!



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