Sunday, May 16, 2010

The calm before the storm....literally

Just under the wire! We snapped these just before a huge thunderstorm rolled in. With the clouds thickening above us, the light was a little tricky, but I think these came out all right.

Other than today's storm, it's been a really nice weekend. It was warm enough on Friday night to go out to the drive-in! I love doing that. We saw the new Robin Hood movie. <3 Russell Crowe!  Do you like going to drive-in theaters?

This is one of my favorite dresses. I styled it back in January with a ruffly cardigan, belt, and beige heels. I think it switched to warm weather fairly easily. And I love the deep neck in front and back, it feels very 50s glam!

Sometimes I think I like taking all these pictures because there are very few pictures of me between the ages of about 10 and 15. I had some major self-esteem issues in those days because my skin was, well, let's just say less than perfect! I remember intentionally avoiding cameras and tended to wear baggier clothing so I wouldn't call attention to myself. I think I'm trying to catch up now for all the photo years I missed out on. I wonder if there are any other fashion bloggers who are like this?

And anyway, it's a good excuse to go to pretty parts of the city.

(Yes, I do all my own stunts! :P)

dress - Urban Outfitters / necklace - JC Penney / sandals - Payless / belt - NY & Co.


  1. I love the pattern on your dress

    and I've never actually been to a drive in

  2. that dress is divine, love love love it! (i can;t stress it enough ;P)

  3. That dress is bursting with floral elements;-)

  4. Jenn, your dress is GORGEOUS!!


  5. Hello darling, I'm here form Delance Fashion Community, you have got a great blog! I love your dress and your necklace is amazing! I'm your 40th follower ;D! Xoxo

  6. What a cute dress!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog last week!


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