Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The cost of day-to-day fashion

 I felt like it was time for a change in decor around here. The picture I used for the header is one of my favorites that I snapped from the plane to Miyakojima last December. What luck the shadow was so clear! What do you think?

 We are one step closer to Korea. Gosh, it feels like we've been in this waiting game for ages now. Well, we kind of have. We started thinking about this over a year ago and submitted our very first applications back in November. Maybe at the end of this, I'll have enough information to publish "Moving to Korea for Dummies"!

Late next week, K and I will be going to New York state to check out a long-term boarding facility for our cats. It breaks my heart that we can't bring them with us, but with any luck we'll be able to find a pet-friendly place and have them flown over to us. Anyway, we're making the best of this road trip and checking out Rochester and Niagara Falls while we're in the area. Money is tight right now since we need to save until our departure, so sadly I can't use the trip as an excuse to go shopping. I can, however, play with Polyvore and still get a fashion fix! Here are some of the outfits I came up with for this trip that I would love to buy, if, you know, my wallet was bottomless!
Something else I wanted to bring up today was an article I read earlier (from MSNBC I think) about the average cost of an American woman's daily outfit with accessories. The total was just over $1,500. That seems absolutely crazy to me! I would definitely be above and beyond this number if you counted my wedding ring, but the article didn't count wedding/engagement rings. I did a quick tally of my outfit, generously including my bag and everything in it as the article did, and still came under $240. Am I just incredibly cheap? I wonder where the women polled were from (the Upper East Side?!) and what the average would be for women my age. I'm really curious. Including underwear, clothes, jewelry (except wedding/engagement rings), accessories, bag and contents, is the article's number or my number closer to your daily ensembles?


  1. Hey, glad to see you're doing well. Like I mentioned a while back, if you need a place to stay while you're in NY, let me know, my parents are about 40 min from the boarding facility, and about 40 min outside of rochester. They would let you guys stay for free.

  2. Wow. That number sounds nothing like the cost of the average American woman's outfit. Assuming that the average woman wore a coat/jacket, a top, pants, shoes, jewelry/belt/scarf, and a purse, that would make every item cost around $250 and I highly doubt most women buy all of their clothing at those prices.

    I realize that I'm in college and a bit more thrifty than other people but today's outfit, including my jewelry, cost me around $100. If I count my lingerie it's a bit more but it's under $200.

  3. Hi! Stopping by to visit and say thanks for swinging by my way from SITS! I can tell you that I am no fashionista these days - I'm probably far over on the other side of the spectrum these days since I work from home now. That's not really a good thing either LOL!

  4. Darn pets! They get in to everything! I think that's why they were made to be so dang cute..otherwise they wouldn't survive day 3.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I read a bit of yours as well...moving to Korea?! How awesomely scary! Can't wait to read more!

  5. Hi there. I can’t remember how I arrived but I found your lovely blog a few weeks ago. It caught my eye because you sew some of your own clohes (like me) and because of your plans for Korea. Moving there was a possibility for me a few months ago but work circumstances have changed so we won’t be going now. I may get a chance for a business trip though and look forward to seeing and reading all about how you get on.

    Good luck for this exciting and scary time!

  6. Oh yeah, I forgot to say in my previous comment:

    Excluding my wedding rings and watch (they’re not part of my outfit, they’re part of me) but including underwear today’s outfit comes to £52 (about $74)! That’s mainly because I’m wearing a thrifted top and me-made trousers. Adding my bag and wallet which were quite expensive and get used every day and my coat brings it up a lot to $400. I don’t even think I wore $1500 of stuff on my wedding day!

  7. Heya

    So good to hear from you :)

    I love the snap you took from the plane, its perfect.

    And I look forward to the guidebook you'll be writing ;)

    p.s. I gasped when I saw the $1400 figure. I mean, I guess I can see why (what with some designer prices), but I think that a lot of the bloggers (anyway) who wear designer gear get it on sale, and hence more affordably. At least I do. And I cannot afford some designers full stop.

    My outfit right now (and this is from bumming at home all day) comes to a grand total of about $50. Because most of its thrifted. Everything other than the underwear (are we including underwear in that?)


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