Monday, June 21, 2010

How to dress for humidity

So I know central SC is hot and humid, but it doesn't compare with the humidity of being right on the Yellow Sea. There is something about the quality of the humidity here that makes it more difficult to tolerate. It's not even that hot out yet, but the humidity just puts a film on everything. I can't imagine what the humidity is like in Seoul where it's mixed with pollution. No, I'm pretty happy living in a small city.

So here's how I've been dressing to keep cool in this weather: gauzy shirts! I find that they are the best because they breathe so well and they also hide sweat well for those of us who need that particular quality in a fabric ;)

This is my favorite gauze top.

Great for getting ready to go..

Coming home..

Doing laundry..

And finally people-watching and enjoying the sunshine from the balcony! Sitting out here in the early afternoons is especially nice because a breeze comes through, and there is a piano studio in my apartment complex so I can hear the lessons. It's very soothing :)

What else have I been up to lately? Well, I decided to volunteer with Animal Rescue Korea since I have a little time on my hands until mid-July, and through them I've taken in a foster kitten. The shelters here are all terribly crowded (as with most countries I'm sure) and while they try to be no-kill, there also are no limits on the number of animals they take in. So they end up with dozens of animals in one cage. It's really heartbreaking, and I'm so happy that I can help even one animal. We named this little guy Tama, and he's quickly getting better. It's amazing to me that he's so much better after only three days of medication and proper food and water. And love, of course :) 

If anyone out there reading this is in Korea and wants to volunteer but doesn't know how, please look up Animal Rescue Korea. They are amazing people and so easy to work with, and would love more volunteers.

How can you resist?


  1. I love your top! It's beautiful and the fact that it is practical for the weather is a nice bonus.

  2. you have no idea how much i adore your top! it's perfect for those hot summer days since it's breezy! :)

    and that's so sweet of you to take in a foster kitten. i love that you're volunteering and helping out in a loving way.

  3. I'm so glad you made it to Korea safely! That is so exciting you have your own apartment and everything. Whenever we go we stay with family so it's not quite like living on your own. I forgot Korea can get pretty humid.. Good luck! I know you'll look great even with a little stickiness :D

    That kitten is SO cute! Helping at an animal shelter sounds like so much fun!

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