Friday, April 2, 2010

Hitchin' a ride

Except for the time I accidentally hitch-hiked, this is the closest I've come to nabbing a ride with a stranger. What, you don't believe you can hitch-hike on accident? Trust me, it can be done.

Just kidding! About trying to hitch today, I mean. I really did accidentally hitch-hike once. True story.

How amazing is this mural? One of the things I love about this city is the random murals around town. This one has a special paint so that in the evening it looks like the sunset in it is glowing!

Another hot day today- 91! Summer really has come all at once. I was really happy I decided to buy this lightweight top last summer. It made it a little easier to deal with having to wear pants to cover the last of the bites...yucky.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend and Easter~

top - Forever21 / pants - New York & Company / bag - Target
shoes - Ito Yokado (Japan) / sunglasses - Filene's Basement


  1. That mural is crazy! So cool.

    I haven't seen much Wisteria here...but I googled it and it looks lovely. I really want to go to the arboretum soon to see all the pretty spring flowers.

  2. Love those shoes!!

  3. i love this floral top on you with the ruffles (yay spring!) and i definitely didn't realize that was a mural in the first shot. that's so awesome! :D

  4. I love the pop of pink from the purse! very chic!


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