Monday, October 12, 2009


Well, it's definitely autumn in South Carolina, which means it's pouring rain and the forecast shows no signs of it letting up. While walking from class to my parking space this morning, I got completely soaked, even though I was using an umbrella! I really need to invest in a proper pair of rain boots before all my jeans get destroyed.

In more cheerful news, K and I have already applied for jobs together for after I graduate. It took only about 24 hours after submitting all the application paperwork before we both received the news that we have interviews! I am really excited because although the positions don't begin until next August, they are in....


No, I've never been there, and no, I don't speak the language (not more than "hello," "I love you," "I'm so sorry," and "tell me right now!!"--all learned from melodramatic TV series, I might mention), BUTTTTT I'm really feeling ready for a new adventure. Plus, the money is excellent and we would be able to travel to other part of Asia. I've heard that the interview is pretty darn easy and that it's mostly to make sure that you're not lying about being a native English speaker (p.s. I am.).

Stay tuned.

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