Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Country Living

No, that's not a description of my life recently, that's the title of a magazine that's stalking me. For some reason, I've started receiving issues of Country Living magazine, which is pretty much irrelevant to my life. Today, they apparently took it up a notch because when I came home, I found a package on my front porch with a Country Living tote bag. The magazine says I've paid for a subscription. Even weirder, this magazine comes to my correct address. My address is not that complicated, but 85% of the mail I receive has some sort of error.
Here's the thing. I get something like 15 or 16 magazines a month. The reason for this is that I had about a zillion frequent flier miles but I wasn't planning any trips at the time they were coming up on their expiration date. Luckily (?) said airline offers other rewards, and I used up all my miles on magazines about either fashion, health, wine, or food. The funny part (to me, at least) is that the airline still had my parents' address as my default address, so my parents get shitloads of magazines every month for me. As they come in, they tell me the title of the magazine so I can go to the magazine's website and change the address so future issues will be sent here. I plan to take a huuuuuge stack of these babies to a used book store around Christmas.
Country Living, however, remains a mystery, because it never arrived at my parents' house before coming here. There was no yellow forwarding label or anything. And now, the mysterious tote bags. I even interrogated my mom, thinking that maybe she signed me up as a joke, but no dice. Maybe the publishing company saw that I'm getting every single other magazine they print and assumed that I had a subscription for that one, too. Whatever.

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